faculty: dwight Fee (Preceptor, expos)

fellow: Moira Mccavana '16 and the Bok learning lab

In his Expos 20 Course on social theories of friendship, Harvard College Writing Program Head Preceptor Dwight Fee is offering students the opportunity to practice social-science interviewing skills as they interview their peers about the relationship between geography, race, class, culture and friendship, both at Harvard and in their high school experiences.  The Bok Center is helping Fee along with Caroline Light, a Faculty Member in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies to produce video modules on interviewing techniques, then working with Fee to integrate a multimedia literacy element into his assignment.

Media, tools and literacies: interview skills, speaking
Deliverables & outcomes: video shoots of the interviews, development of a metadata and timecode based workflow that allows students to learn from media without needing media production skills