During the Spring 2016 semester, Professor Peter Der Manuelian partnered with the Bok Center to develop yet another option to add to the range of digital activities he makes available to the students in his “Pyramid Schemes” egyptology course: a 3D modeling and virtual curation assignment. The Bok Center partnered with the Peabody and Semitic museums to produce 3D scans and models of Egyptian artifacts, then offered a training session for all students who pursued this assignment option to provide them with the skills necessary to design a 3D museum exhibit. Faced with the task of curation within the confines of a museum space, students put into practice what they have learned about both Egypt and museum design over the course of the term. At the end of the term, students were able to tour all of their peer’s virtual exhibits at the Bok Center’s pop-up virtual reality stations.


Media, tools, and literacies: 3D modeling and scanning, exhibits, curation, speaking, drawing.

Deliverables & outcomes: Approximately thirty 3D scans of artifacts, 3D modeling workshops and handouts, handouts on museum design, virtual curation assignment template, new models for museum-based assignments.