Orly Barad received her Master’s degree in Technology, Innovation, and Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

As a member of the Bok Center’s Media, Literacy, and Visualization team, Orly focused on curating and creating resources for faculty and students interested in video as a learning-and-teaching tool. She sees the videos she worked on as “proof of concept” work, charting what a web-series on video literacy might look like. The videos are built around the idea that a “video essay” needs to be as intentional and well crafted as a written essay. In a fun, light-hearted tone, these instructional videos describe the unique language of filming and editing video, and provoke thoughts on how this language might be used to craft a message or communicate a thesis. With video becoming an inescapable part of contemporary life, Orly believes students and teachers must strive to understand the history, theory, and practical application of video as a means for communication, creative expression, and intellectual discourse.