Faculty: David Cox (MCB)

Fellow: Morgan Furze, Elizabeth Graff

For MCB81: the Fundamentals of Neuroscience, the Learning Lab assisted David Cox as he designed and implemented a mixed-media paper-talk assignment, a multi-part project intended to develop students’ skills in visual explanation both as individual presenters as well as members of a team. The first portion of the assignment asked students to choose a figure from one of two scientific papers and to storyboard a series of drawings that explain the figure’s importance to the study’s methods, findings, and overall thesis as well as the historical context of that particular research area. The assignment culminated in a spoken presentation that explained the storyboard. The second portion of the project took the place of the midterm for the course and required students to apply those same skills to a group, rather than individual report.In considering the most precise visual articulation of the course content, students developed a deeper, more engaged understanding of the material.


Media, skills, and literacies: visual explanation, speaking

Deliverables & outcomes: storyboard explaining a figure's relevance to overall article, spoken presentation, translation of content from one medium to another (writing to speaking)