Fellow: Pooja Paul

Media, Literacy, and Visualization Fellow Pooja Paul began a video series for MBB graduate students to share their research with each other as well as their own departments. As MBB is an “initiative” at Harvard, rather than a full department, the students whose research falls under the category of MBB come from a broad range of disciplines—psychology, philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, among them—most of which use specific methods and languages native to their fields and distinct from one another.

The first installment of the video series serves as a model for those to come: Philosophy student Zoe Jenkin, whose research utilizes developmental psychology to question existing theses still prevalent in philosophy, used the form of the short video to explain her research in concise language, pairing it with complementary visual material so that MBB students both within and outside of the Philosophy department can understand the relevance of her research.


Media, tools and literacies: video, speaking

Deliverables & outcomes: an ongoing series of short videos, synthesis of complicated material into non-discipline-specific language