Bok Center Support: Marlon Kuzmick, Sarah JEssop

The Learning Lab Workshops are an opportunity for the Learning Lab team to take the skills and modalities that they have acquired while developing projects for faculty, and to make those same skills accessible to the Harvard community at any level, from undergraduates up through faculty members. To do this, we invite any members of the Harvard community to the Bok Center to partake in Learning Lab Workshops. Featured topics from this past year have included digital modalities CSS, Javascript, HTML, in addition to the various forms of art-making that we’ve been developing in the Learning Lab, such as movement, improvisation, drawing, public speaking.  

Media, skills, and literacies: visual explanation, speaking

Deliverables & outcomes: storyboard explaining a figure's relevance to overall article, spoken presentation, translation of content from one medium to another (writing to speaking)