Bok center support: Pamela Pollock, Sarah Jessop, Marlon Kuzmick and the Learning Lab Team 

A description of Harvard Horizons from The Graduate School for Arts and Sciences:

Each year, eight outstanding PhD candidates are chosen to receive in-depth, personalized mentoring and coaching designed to enhance their presentation skills. The program culminates in a symposium of brief, compelling talks where these scholars present their research from the Sanders Theatre stage.


Since its inception, The Bok Center has partnered with the Harvard Horizons training team to help prepare scholars for their presentations. Pamela Pollock, Associate Director of the Bok Center and Lead Mentor for Harvard Horizons, aids scholars in developing the narrative arc of their presentations, Sarah Jessop, Associate Director for Engagement and Communication, provides speech coaching, and the Learning Lab team, helmed by Marlon Kuzmick, works with scholars to produce the visual content of their presentations. In the past, this has taken the form of helping scholars create 3D animations of their research, 2D illustrations, visual models, and background footage of them conducting their research.

In essence, the Bok Center’s contribution to Harvard Horizons is to give scholars a location for developing and practicing their materials as well as the technical assistance and knowledge about visual presentation.


Media, tools and literacies: visual presentation skills, speaking
Deliverables & outcomes: A TED-style presentation in Sanders Theatre, preparation for academic job search