Bill O'Hara

Department of Music


Bill O’Hara is a Ph.D. student in the music department at Harvard. His primary research interests are in the history of music theory, and music in contemporary films and video games.

As a member of the Bok Center’s Media Literacy and Visualization Team, Bill has been the principal Learning Lab fellow on several projects, including Professor Emily Dolan’s “Digital Bridge” project, involving a digitally connected graduate seminar with McGill University; Professor Alex Rehding’s “Soundmap” project, a creative assignment designed for an undergraduate general education course, and the Learning Lab’s continuing series on podcasting as a medium for undergraduate assignments. He has also worked on Harvard Speaks, Graduate Multimedia Fellows, 

At the Bok Center, Bill has also experimented with ways of using pedagogical video within and outside the classroom; a few representative projects can be found here:


Music 241r: Building a Digital Bridge

Sasha Kimmel, Alex Rehding


Music, podcasts, improv, speaking

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